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Wilkinson Stekloff Wins Qualified Immunity Appeal in the Eleventh Circuit

November 12, 2020

Washington, D.C. - Wilkinson Stekloff associate Xiao Wang secured another significant pro bono appellate win in the Eleventh Circuit, representing Joshua Dickinson, an individual who was violently assaulted while detained in an Alabama jail following an argument with a family member. The Eleventh Circuit concluded that Mr. Dickinson could continue his lawsuit to vindicate his civil rights. Xiao, along with supervising partner Jeremy Barber, argued on appeal that the district court had correctly allowed Mr. Dickinson’s suit to proceed. Wilkinson Stekloff’s briefing highlighted the unjust and unsafe conditions of the Mobile County Metro Jail, including the information and multiple warnings the County Sheriff and Jail Warden had received prior to the unfortunate event.  The Eleventh Circuit agreed that the Sheriff and Warden were not entitled to qualified immunity, deciding to interpret narrowly a prior opinion that had applied an expansive reading to qualified immunity.   “The jail failed to address multiple ...

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Wilkinson Stekloff Wins Groundbreaking Sentencing Appeal

November 11, 2020

Washington, D.C. - Wilkinson Stekloff associate Xiao Wang secured a significant pro bono win in the Sixth Circuit, convincing the court to vacate Manndrell Evann Lee’s 60-month sentence as substantively unreasonable.  Xiao had been appointed to represent Mr. Lee as a member of the Sixth Circuit’s Criminal Justice Act panel.   Xiao and partner James Rosenthal argued on appeal that the district court had failed to give sufficient reasons for Mr. Lee’s above-guidelines prison term. The Sixth Circuit agreed and reversed the district court’s decision in a published opinion which established that there must be a “meaningful relationship between the offense of conviction and the defendant’s alleged likelihood of reoffending.” The court further held that there was no such meaningful relationship as to Mr. Lee and vacated his 60-month sentence. The case is now set for resentencing in December 2020.     “We are thrilled with the court’s opinion,” said Wilkinson Stekloff associate ...

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Wilkinson Stekloff Featured in Law360 Pro Bono Spotlight for Federal Class Action Settlement

November 9, 2020

Washington, D.C. - Wilkinson Stekloff was featured in Law360’s pro bono spotlight for its lead role in securing a landmark deal in a federal class action lawsuit over health care for people incarcerated in Missouri.   The settlement, which was finalized by the judge on October 29, mandates the state of Missouri and Corizon LLC to spend approximately $50 million over eight years to provide life-saving hepatitis C drugs to people incarcerated in the Missouri Department of Corrections. The deal also includes training for prison medical staff, an updated testing regime, and regular patient monitoring. Wilkinson Stekloff associate Betsy Henthorne told Law360 that an August 2019 preliminary injunction hearing in the case had been encouraging and was a big step towards the ultimate settlement: “Coming out of the preliminary injunction hearing we felt good about both what we showed the defendants we could do in the courtroom and what they would ...

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