Beth Wilkinson Featured on Benchmark Litigation Behind the Trial Podcast

WASHINGTON – Wilkinson Stekloff Founding Partner Beth Wilkinson recently joined the Benchmark Litigation Behind the Trial podcast for an in-depth discussion on trial practice.

The episode is focused on the art of persuading juries. Wilkinson discussed the front lines of trial practice and some of her tricks of the trade.

“One of the arts of trial work is be able to take something that is complicated and get it down to its essence,” Wilkinson said. “I am not an expert in any area of the law, or science or technology. The learning process I go through allows me to turn around and be a teacher to the jury.”

Wilkinson’s additional advice included telling lawyers to “start with what do you want to argue in closing arguments.”

Wilkinson also emphasized the importance of developing memorable and personally resonant themes: “When you think about learning, the first time you don’t learn it as well, the second time you learn it better. If you do your crosses properly those themes are coming out…the passion needs to come from you presenting credible arguments that you truly believe. That way its more real.”

You can listen to the Benchmark Litigation Behind the Trial podcast here.