Wilkinson Stekloff Partner Cali Cope-Kasten Featured in Law.com’s “How I Made Partner” Series

For its series asking top-tier lawyers about their path to promotion, Law.com recently featured Wilkinson Stekloff partner Cali Cope-Kasten.

Cali reflects on the key to successful business development — “doing excellent work” — and the impact founding partner Beth Wilkinson has made on her development as a trial attorney:

“She has been a champion for me and for so many young women at our firm. She helped me develop a reputation with our clients by giving me opportunities early in my career to have a seat at the table in client meetings and encouraging me to stand up and speak up to present my work every chance I got. And watching her engage with judges and juries has been an incredible learning experience that has provided me with inspiration to develop my own style.”

Cali made partner in early 2022 following the critical role she played in Clark v. Monsanto and several other trials. She has been recognized as a 2022 Rising Star of the Courtroom by Business Insider. An embodiment of Wilkinson Stekloff’s mission to develop the next generation of trial lawyers, Cali earned this recognition at the age of 33, years before most of her fellow recipients.   

Cali represents corporate clients across a diverse set of industries, from pharmaceuticals to sports to social media. Her experience includes six jury trials, three of which were federal multi-district litigation bellwether cases, and two bench trials. She has argued numerous motions in state and federal courts at the trial and appellate level.