Wilkinson Stekloff Partner Moira Penza Writes for Law 360 on Her First Case as a Civil Defense Attorney

In a recent article for Law 360 Pulse, WS Partner Moira Penza reflects back on lessons learned serving as co-lead counsel on a multibillion-dollar class action, her first case after joining the firm in 2019.

While technical expertise and legal acumen are top priorities in every case, Moira understood from her time as a federal prosecutor that interpersonal dynamics can have a profound effect on the outcome of a case, and that building credibility with all players in the trial would be key to securing a satisfying result for her client. Moira discusses the importance of helping jurors feel heard, drawing on the unique experience of local counsel, and building the morale of the legal team, among other recommendations.

Moira has always been generous about sharing her professional insights with colleagues, and we are pleased to see them in print. Read the full article here.